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brenne french single malt whisky

Brenne French Single Malt Whiskey is the world’s first “single malt whiskey” that is aged exclusively in French Lemousin and Cognac oak barrels, is distilled twice in a copper alembic and matures for a minimum of six years. Made from barley grown in France and distilled with water from the Charente river, Brenne is an exclusive 100% organic whisky from its seed to the ‘spirit’.


70cl 40% vol.

Brenne features scented aromas of fruit and French pastries with hints of creamy roasted toffee and creme brulee. Its flavor surprises us with hints of banana, tropical fruits and warm spices such as cinnamon and cloves. This set of flavors concludes with a long, sweet and aromatic finish.

Country: France
Alc. Type: French Single Malt Whisky
Cask: Limousin oak & cognac casks
Distillery: Distillery Farm of Cognac
ABV: 40%
Volume: 70 cl

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