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Diplôme Dry Gin

Diplôme Dry Gin is made according to a traditional method, from natural ingredients. Among them, juniper berries, coriander, whole lemons, orange peel, iris roots, saffron, angelica and fennel seeds. After maceration in pure alcohol, the botanicals are slowly distilled in a small alembic called “Al Bain Marie”.

This handcrafted gin is made from one of the oldest gin recipes in France.

Enjoy with a classic tonic and an orange twist, elegantly served in a pre-cooled balloon glass.


70cl 44% vol.

COLOR: crystalline

NOSE: the aroma is almost neutral, with a slight pine breeze.

PALATE: notes of juniper and pine, along with a marshmallow sweetness, finishing with citrus followed by anise and black pepper.


Country: France – Dijon
Alc. Type: Distilled Dry Gin
ABV: 44% vol
Volume: 70 cl

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