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Since 1863, five generations of the Hayman’s family have served as custodians of the True English Gin style, providing an unbroken lineage dating back to the original gin boom. 150 years using familiar techniques and processes passed down from generation to generation.

hayman’s London Dry gin

Unlike other London Dry Gins available today, our True English London Dry Gin is distilled to a 150 year old family recipe using a traditional two-day process.

Steeping the long-standing family recipe of just ten botanicals in English wheat spirit for a full day before distillation creates a fresh, bright and classically balanced gin with crisp citrus, subtle notes of exotic spice and the remarkable depth and complexity traditionally associated with the London Dry style.

Uniquely suited to the classic cocktails of the 19th and early 20th Century that were built around the style, we recommend enjoying our True English London Dry’s crisp complexity in a refreshing G&T or a fortifying classic martini.

Classically paired with tonic water and a twist of lemon peel for a True English G&T.


70cl 41.2% vol.

NOSE: A perfectly balanced marriage of crisp juniper and fresh citrus.

PALATE: Bold juniper, bright citrus and warming spice come together.

FINISH: Citrus and spice gives way to a dry finish with pleasingly earthy notes.

Country: London – UK
Alc. Type: London Dry Gin
Distillery: Hayman’s Destillery
ABV: 41,2% vol
Volume: 70 cl

hayman’s “Old Tom” gin

Many people are unfamiliar with True English Old Tom Gin. Dating back to a period when gin was more richly flavoured, it remains a family favourite to this day.

The gloriously generous quantities of botanicals used in our family recipe create a bold citrus and juniper pine character that is rich and rounded on the palate with a beautifully delicate finish. And the subtle underlying sweetness keeps it true to the original style of English Victorian gin first enjoyed in 19th Century England.

Enjoy our True English Old Tom in a classic Martinez cocktail, a refreshing Tom Collins or a rich and full-flavoured Old Tom and Tonic.

Serve with soda water and fresh orange garnish as a refreshing alternative to tonic or enjoy in the classic Victorian cocktail – a Martinez.


70cl 41.4% vol.

Nose: Juniper, citrus, soft spice and subtle earthy notes.

Palate: Rich, round and wonderfully smooth, with vibrant citrus and a sherbet-like sweetness.

 Finish: Delicate and earthy with lingering hints of citrus and a mouth-coating quality.

Country: London – UK
Alc. Type: Old Tom Gin
Distillery: Hayman’s Destillery
ABV: 41,4% vol
Volume: 70 cl

hayman’s “Royal Dock” gin

First supplied to the English Admiralty in 1863, we still make our Navy Strength Royal Dock Gin in London to this day. The style is bright and bracing but not at all overpowering with a brilliant balance of juniper, coriander and citrus and a softly nuanced mouthfeel.

Bottled at a traditional Navy Strength of 57% ABV, this hearty style of gin is suited perfectly to mixing a classic Pink Gin. Also wonderful in a traditional True English Gimlet, originally mixed by combining the sailors’ daily tot of gin with the lime ration provided to fight off scurvy.


70cl 57% vol.

NOSE: Wonderfully bright juniper, coriander and citrus.

PALATE: Bright, bold and bursting with fresh juniper, zesty citrus and crisp coriander notes.

FINISH: Warming and perfectly balanced with soft underlying spice.

Country: London – UK
Alc. Type: Navy Strength Gin
Distillery: Hayman’s Destillery
ABV: 57%
Volume: 70 cl

hayman’s Sloe gin

A True English Sloe Gin is defined by its balance. Not too sweet, not too tart and you need to be able to taste the gin! To create ours we gently steep wild harvested English Sloe berries in our classically balanced English Gin for three to four months following an old family recipe.

The result is a Sloe Gin of exceptional balance in which you will find plummy aromas, hints of almond and frangipane and delicious fruity notes from the wild-foraged berries – all underpinned by a classic English Gin backbone.

Top with Sparkling Wine and celebrate with a Sloe Royale for a wonderful celebratory serve at any time of the year.


70cl 26% vol.

NOSE: Soft plum, almond, frangipane and ripe red fruits.

PALATE: Gin-forward, warming and rich with a delicate balance of tart and sweet.

FINISH: Sweet plum flavours and warming spice.

Country: London – UK
Alc. Type: Sloe Dry Gin
Distillery: Hayman’s Destillery
ABV: 26% vol
Volume: 70 cl

hayman’s “Gin Liqueur”

Introducing the latest addition to the Hayman’s Gin family, our True English Gin Liqueur.

To our classic blend of ten signature botanicals, we have added a touch of sugar to create the sweetness traditionally associated with a liqueur. This creates a juniper-forward gin with a bright citrus character and sweetness.

London Dry Gin, made with 10 botanicals. With 40% ABV, this liquor works very well “on the rocks”, giving a touch to prosecco or other sparkling wines and in cocktails.


70cl 40% vol.

Wonderfully smooth, the high bottling strength and classically balanced botanicals makes it perfect to enjoy over the rocks with a simple orange wedge garnish.

Country: London – UK
Alc. Type: Gin Liqueur
Distillery: Hayman’s Destillery
ABV: 40%
Volume: 70 cl

hayman’s “family reserve” gin

Hayman’s Family Reserve harks back to the heady days of Gin Palaces, where the juniper-based libation would be sold from oak casks. This expressions from the tasty Hayman’s Gin range has been rested in Scotch whisky casks for three weeks before bottling, which has imparted fragrant notes of oak and a softer mouth feel to the gin. There’s also more herbal, peppery spice than other Hayman’s Gins, which are often quite citrus-forward.

70cl 41,3 % vol.

The style of Hayman’s Family Reserve differs to the other Hayman’s recipes due to the coriander and juniper being the more dominant botanicals. With Hayman’s other styles of Gin – in particular their London Dry – the citrus is prevalent on the nose. The result in the Family Reserve is a smooth and rounded style of gin, with hints of lemony spice and a peppery finish

Country: London – UK
Alc. Type: Family Reserve Gin
Distillery: Hayman’s Destillery
ABV: 41,3%
Volume: 70 cl

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