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The gospel of whiskies

This is the most complete guide  that meticulously investigates all the whiskies in the world. In terms of whisky, this is the gospel.

jim murray’s whisky bible

As every year we bring you the reference guide on the most famous whiskies and others not so well known, the Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. It is a publication highly anticipated by distilleries, experts and lovers of this drink. It is worth remembering that Jim Murray is a well-known English writer and journalist in the whiskey world, who for almost 50 years has been visiting distilleries in different countries of the world, conducting tastings, evaluating and scoring the work of brands.

On this occasion, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible celebrates 2021 its 18th edition, and it features more than 4,500 whiskeys from distilleries in some 30 countries.

Jim Murray is the world’s most recognized independent whiskey expert and his bible is the world’s leading whiskey guide, and Jim has almost certainly visited more distilleries than anyone else in the world. Each edition contains more than 4,600 detailed, professionally analyzed, and easy-to-understand tasting notes on the world’s leading and lesser-known whiskeys.

Annually and after carefully tasting more than 1,000 new whiskeys, it rewards those it believes deserve special recognition, truly highlighting the best of the best.

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