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tequila La Cofradía

La Cofradia is a 100% blue agave tequila. It is carried out respecting traditional manufacturing, a process that uses masonry ovens that bake the agave for 40 hours using steam. Awarded Tequila at San Francisco International Spirits Competition 2012.

700m 38% vol

Silver – Colour: crystalline / Aroma: Herbal / Palate: Herbal.

Reposado – Colour: Light gold / Aroma: Oak barrel / Palate: Woody.

Aged – Colour: Amber / Aroma: Strong Herbal / Palate: Woody vanilla

Country: Jalisco – México
Alc. Type: Tequila (white, restful, aged)
Distillery: La Cofradía
ABV: 38% vol
Volumen: 700 ml

Tequila la cofradía is presented in different editions:
· La Cofradía 100% ágave

· La Cofradía 100% ágave “Ceramic”:
(Casa Cofradía, Talavera, Iguanas, Cactus, Balón, Pakal, Atlante, Cabeza Olmeca, Tialoc, Diosa, Ediciones Catrina, One, Gema, Elemental, Torre de Picos, Single Barrel Reserva,.

· La Cofradía Catrina Glass Edition.

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