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Lucifers Gold Blended Bourbon & Scotch Whisky

Lucifer Gold Original is a unique concoction of Scottish Blended Whisky and Kentucky Bourbon. Our production process commences by creating a typical Blended Scotch, which is a mixture of a straight scotch and other neutral grain spirit. We then create our Bourbon from blending a straight American Whiskey with at least 51% corn, with the liquid spending a further two years in charred oak barrels wich gives our bourbon its distinctive characteristics.

Our mischievous distillers then do the unthinkible…They mix our two distillates to create our devilish special blend.


70cl 40% vol.

On the nose, notes of toffee and vanilla.

The palate is fiery giving way to hints of toasted oak and vanilla.

Country: UK
Alc. Type: Blended Scotch Whisky & Bourbon Whiskey
Distillery: Charter Brands
ABV: 40% vol
Volume: 70 cl

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