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Machitos White & Restful

The Mexican revolution was the most important uprising against the established order in the entire history of Mexico. Patriotic heroes fought hard against government oppression, at the cost of putting a price on their head. The fight was bloody, but in the end, these heroes rose with victory. Machitos Tequila aims to be a tribute to those heroes of the Homeland. Available in white and resting version.

700ml 38% vol.

Translucent color with intense body and herbaceous notes.

Amber color with initial herbaceous notes that give way to oak barrel notes. It ends in a woody way.

Lugar de origen: Jalisco – México
Tipo: Tequila (Blanco y Reposado)
Destilería: La Cofradía
Volumen Alc: 38% vol
Formato: 700 ml

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