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Mezcal BUI combines pre-Columbian culture with the tradition of artisan tequila making

bui mezcal blanco

BUI means life in Otomí, a native language of one of the most important civilizations in Mexico. It has a smoky flavor which is obtained from the wooden ovens that are used to preserve the ancestral essence of Mezcal, but it has a soft touch and a refined body for anyone to delight.

It is made in an artisanal way, seeking the original flavor of Mezcal. The design is inspired by the Otomís people and beliefs, which are related to nature and mutual respect.

70cl          45% vol.

It presents a fruity aroma giving way to a light but attractive smoke. It has a refined body that ends with a fruity touch.

Country: Oaxaca – México
Alc. Type: Mezcal Joven (100% – Espadín Azul)
Mezcalero: Carlos Hernandez
ABV: 45%
Volume: 70 cl

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