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Pink 47 London dry gin

PINK 47 is a very distinctive London Dry Gin, carefully made in small batches from a delicious recipe with a blend of 12 botanicals from around the world. PINK 47 is four times distilled and with 47% alcohol by volume, it’s perfect for G&T and cocktails.


70cl 47% vol.

COLOR: crystalline

NOSE: elegant aroma, medium intensity, citrus,
balsamic, mountain herbs and notes of juniper.

PALATE: warm, good acidity.

FINISH: sharp and attractive finish.

Country: UK
Alc. Type: London Dry Gin
Distillery: Old St. Andrews Distillery
ABV: 47% vol.
Volume: 70 cl

Pink Royal Dry Gin

PINK ROYAL is a dry and fruity gin based on the excellent PINK 47 recipe. Properly made in small batches based on a recipe of 10 botanical ingredients from around the world, four times distilled and finally flavored with raspberry, blackberry and blueberry that gives it its characteristic fruity flavor.

Available in 70cl format and in Gift Pack with gift ball glass.


70cl 40% vol.


NOSE: raspberry, blackberry and blueberry

PALATE: unique, complete and complex: smooth and fruity.

FINISH: long finish.

Country: UK
Alc. Type: Pink Dry Gin
Distillery: Old St. Andrews Distillery
ABV: 40% vol.
Volume: 70 cl

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