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Simonetta Original Liqueur

As the legend says, the discoverer Américo Vespucci observed the natives of the New World how they drank the liquid resulting from macerated seeds, coming from the magical plant of the cacaotero, an extraordinary food.

This liquid would invigorate them and give them a peculiar energy from natural fertility. When he came back from his first trip to the New World, Americo Vespucci brought back with him many of these grains.

It was such the activity it reported them, that they thought they were reaching eternal life. This is why it was called “the tree of life”. With time, the seeds ended up at a convent where the abbot took care of it with great patience and dedication, making the other monks and navigators bring back more seeds when they went back to the New World.

tasting notIts charismatic presentation makes sure of the exquisite and ancestry of the liquor. Preferable to consume cold, with pile ice, over your ice-cream, or you preferred sweet. It is ideal for cocktails, and in any sweet elaboration.

They were artisans who macerated the alcohol naturally to distil them afterwards; reaching this way, a sublime quality and flavour liquor, named Simonetta, in honour of the discoverer’s sister. The traditional method of distillation is still in use, and has been developed to achieve perfection.

The legendary liquor Simonetta comes into the market with great success, for its quality and peculiar presentation, recovered from the Renaissance. Simonetta original liquor is available in limited quantities because of its artisan elaboration, bottles are numbered.

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