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teeda japanese craft rum

TEEDA is made from a single distillation of sugarcane molasses. The sugarcane is locally grown, planted in between February and May and harvest both mechanically and manually from October to February. TEEDA Gold-Rum is aged in white oak casks using both new & used rum barrels for at least 5 years.
The final blend is made from rum as young as 5 years and as old as 15.

700ml 40% vol.

COLOUR: dark amber
NOSE: Honey, apricot, very fresh and aromatic
PALATE: Smooth, mild, honey and cinnamon
FINISH: Long, silky, slightly smoky

Country: Okinawa – Japan
Alc. Type: Aged Japanese Rum
Cask: Ex-bourbon oak
Aged: 5-15 years
ABV: 40% vol
Volume: 700 ml

teeda 21 YO japanese craft rum

Helios is the oldest distillery in Japan and started producing rum in 1961. The Helios distillery has launched a 21-year-old aged version of its Teeda craft rum It was distilled in 1998.
This rum is distilled from local cane sugar molasses in a copper pot still. The sugar cane enjoys mineral-rich soils and a tropical climate, giving the rum a mineral, saline character. With a tropical climate and an average temperature of 22.5°C, this archipelago is the only place in Japan able to grow sugar cane.
This rum has spent 21 years maturing in new American oak barrels. It is the only product of its kind, with just 2,500 numbered bottles made.

700ml 40% vol.

COLOUR : Mahogany
NOSE: Finesse and refinement with a soft side and liquorice notes
PALATE: Beautifully persistent, straightforward, ending on chocolate notes and a delicate touch of vanilla
FINISH: Lingering and smooth despite its 48% strength

Country: Okinawa – Japan
Alc. Type: Aged Japanese Rum
Cask: american oak
Aged: 21 years
ABV: 48% vol
Volume: 700 ml

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