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The Botanical’s London Dry Gin

The BOTANICAL´S London Dry Gin is made through a process that involves 14 different botanicals (one of them secret). It is distilled at Langley Distillery (historic distillery un the UK), using two small stills, both distilling and operating independently; the fusion of the two distillations produces an unique gin, very smooth, dry, citric, spiced… with an exceptional quality.


35cl / 70cl / 1L 42.5% vol.

Only one small part of the process (Small Batch) is selected, the one with the highest purity. After the fourth distillation, the Spirit is infused with14 botanicals (each one individually) and then it is distilled one last time. The water used in the elaboration comes from an ancient aquifer located in the outskirts of London. This spring differs from the rest in that most of its water comes from rain, it is filtered by a basaltic rock.

The BOTANICAL´S Gin is a dry, very pleasant and flavoured, balanced, fresh gin. With floral hints, citrus memories and spiced finish.
It is very smooth and well balanced in the mouth, an excellent gin to delight the most demanding gin lovers.

Country: London
Alc. Type: London Dry Gin
Distillery: Langley Destillery
ABV: 42,5%
Volume: 35cl/70cl/1l
Avalible packs: bottle + glass, bottle + jars, juniper and cardamom and Bottle + 2 tonic Peter Spanton n1


Oro en IWSC 2012.
· Plata Destacada en IWSC 2013.
· Plata Destacada en IWSC 2014.
· Plata el concurso de Gin & Tonics IWSC 2015. · Oro Destacado en IWSC 2015.
· Plata en IWSC 2016.
· Plata en Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2016. · Doble de Oro Best Value CWSA 2016
y Ginebra del Año en China.
· Plata San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016. · Oro a la Calidad CWSA 2016.
· Doble Oro Best Value CWSA 2017.
· Plata San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017. · Plata International Spirits Challenge 2017.
· Doble Oro Best Value CWSA 2018.
· Ginebra del año2019 Best Value CWSA 2019. · Plata San Francisco World Spirits 2019.

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