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Munich Dry Gin

It is one of the classic German gins. Contains 13 hand-selected organic botanicals responsible for its aroma and flavor profile.

In addition to juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel, angelica root, ginger, lavender flowers, pepper and other botanicals are also included. Hop flowers and malt round out the gin and guarantee true Bavarian style.


700ml 45% vol.

COLOR: crystalline.

NOSE: fresh, citrus, floral and spicy.

PALATE: citrus and juniper with subtle notes of ginger and floral traces. It denotes greater body and a longer drink due to the intensity given by hops and malt.

Country: Norway
Alc. Type: Aquavit
Destillery: Kimerud Farm
ABV: 40% vol
Volume: 70 cl

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