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King of Soho

Distilled in the heart of London using traditional methods. Our gin is made with 12 botanicals for a unique recipe. The bold and colorful design of the bottle embodies the characteristics that make Soho unique. A celebration of the spirit of Soho.

The King of soho “LONDON DRY GIN”

The complexity of the alcohol from the highest quality wheat (distilled 4 times), accompanied by 12 botanicals collected from different parts of the world.

The King of Soho has been created as a tribute to the original “King of Soho” Paul Raymond, by his son Howard Raymond. Distilled in small batches (Small Batch) in a small steel alembic.

The neutral alcohol macerates overnight with the different botanicals so that they release all their essence during the distillation. Spring water is used throughout its process.


70cl 42% vol.

COLOR: crystalline.

NOSE: juniper, pine and coriander herbal.

PALATE: citrus and grapefruit peel gives it a unique sweetness. Subtle hints of spice appear at the end.

Country: London
Alc. Type: London Dry Gin
ABV: 42% vol
Volume: 70 cl

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