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The Sting adds the “Small Batch” concept to the classic London Dry Gin. The Small Batch distillation consists of not mixing the different distillations that we obtain successively, in the case of The Sting 5 times, and if the distillation meets the highest standards we will proceed to its bottling, but the distillate is discarded and it starts from the beginning.

After the five-fold distillation of the 10 botanicals, the Master Distiller is the only one capable of deciding the future of the distillate, for this he carries out several organoleptic tastings and an in-depth analysis, if the result is optimal, it will be bottled.


70cl 40% vol.

The botanicals used for the creation of this gin are kept secret although we can distinguish a floral, citric and spicy aroma that breaks through the palate with a strong juniper taste.

Country: UK
Alc. Type: London Dry Gin
ABV: 40% vol
Volume: 70 cl

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