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From the indomitable genius of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the timeless lines of David in Florence take shape and culminate in the creation of a masterpiece like Vodka David.

italian wine vodka david

David’s essential characteristics, such as harmony and balance, are reflected in this unique Vodka. Distilled from the crystalline springs of the Apuan Alps, David Vodka stands out for being highly digestive and for its pleasant taste even when taken alone or with ice alone. The most representative element of this composition is the wine alcohol, but mythology merges with reality in the filtering stage with the Carrara marble: here, David Vodka acquires an unusual brilliance and clarity.

70cl 40% vol.

· Design

· Grape alcohol

· Water from the Apuan Alps

· Carrara marble

Country Toscana – Italia
Alc. Type: Luxury Dry Gin
Distillery: Bonasi Brand
ABV: 40%
Volumen: 70cl

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